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What are the advantages of lifo ?

i need to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of lifo

Lifo and fifo priciples of accounting 1?

Golf Away Corporation is a retail sport stores carrying golf apparel and equipment. The store is at the end of its second year of operation and is struggling. A major problem is that its cost of inventory has continually...

Accounting question. plz help!?

True or False 1. During inflationary periods, the use of the FIFO method of costing inventory will result in a greater amount of net income than would result from the use of the LIFO cost method. 2. During...

Accounting help! thanx?

what are the some advantage and disadvantage of inventory valuation?? FIFO LIFO AVERAGE COST please help! thanks!

Need help with accounting questions.?

1. A buyer who acquires merchandise under credit terms of 1/10, n/30 has 20 days after the invoice date to take advantage of the cash discount. A.false B. True 2. Sales revenues, cost of goods sold, and gross...


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